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Family Life Cycle

 Process of Social Context Change with the Passage of Time

<<Uncommon Therapy>> - Jay Haley

General Issues:

1 Symptoms are signals. Problems exist in individual, marital pair, the whole family

2 Potential problems arise as members enter of leave the family structures.

3 Transition: Parents cares Children -> Peers-Peers Harmony -> Children care parents

A. Courtship – Quest for independence and interdependence

KEY: Weaning Process, Intimate Relationship, Personal life development

1 Human Beings vs. Animals – Extended Kin and psycho-symptoms

2 Time Factor – Mismatch of courtship experience or no physical response

3 Risk Factor – Incomplete Weaning Process due to outsider or lack of intimate bonds

e.g. Family and Peers entanglement, financial/parental support, absent intimate bonds

(Complete social shut down)

B. Marriage: Ceremony of structural family change

KEY: Committed partnership, formation of Individual family, harmony families.

Early Marriage: Excuse for freedom, mismatch of sexual life, ideas and expectation

2 Challenges:         Agreement to deal with families, peers, and practical aspects

                        How to deal with disagreement (Avoid first->quarrel and irritate later)

C. Childbirth and Dealing with the Youth: Family System Revised

KEY: Balance of Attention, Child Rearing, Balance of Involvement

Challenges: Marriage Re-confirmed, Stress of Child Rearing, Communication Device

Wife: ONLY Wife Syndrome, Envy of Husbands

Child: Communication Bridge -> immature, disengagement of mother

D. Middle Marriage – The Golden Period

KEY: Acceptance of Golden, Personal Development, Healthy Pattern/Habit formation

Challenges: Husband’s disappointment/success, wife’s leisure, adolescent turmoil.

E. Weaning Parents from Children -

KEY: Ceremony Initiation, generation continuity,

Challenges: Direct Communication, Adolescent Schizophrenia, Over-engagement.

F. Retirement and Old Age – Get well and Ready

KEY: Acceptance of Loss of Partner and Death, Life Optimism, Ceremony of Passage

Challenges: Uselessness, dissociation from younger generations


1 Family Life Cycle better keeps moving

2 Individual problems can be better explained and remedied in context of family cycle

3 Think before you blame. Strive for harmony and growth of family.

<<Ahead of the Curve>>

Good book. I always think that consumption is the heart of economy because goods and service are to be consumed finally anyway. In retailing, businessmen are forecasting consumer taste and expenditure and hence respond to them. The industrial guy respond to retailers. And industrial guys uses a lot of raw material and making capex. These drive down the inventory level of commodity and the utilization of commodity production. Finally, commodity price skyrockets within the capex cycle, passing down the inflation down the value chain towards the consumers as inflation. Within the cycle, the improvement in efficiency of the supply chain results in real economic growth.

The book is nice in the sense that it articulates different economic indicators within a logical cause-effect framework. The leading and lagging behavior of different economic phenomenon can easily be spot(from an hindsight). With the parallel charts of different economic data, the book could have demonstrated the "bullwhip effect" which play an important role in amplified swinging along the supply chain. Sadly, it has not.

A good book to read esp when you are confused with many of the economic data announced in every week.